Festuca pseudotrichophylla Patzke
  • Decheniana 117: 195 (1964) 

Notes: Distribution: SW. Europe

General Description

Rather densely caespitose, with short rhizomes; stems 30-70 cm × 1.1-1.5 mm. Leaves 1/6-1/4 as long as stems, 0.4-0.6 (-0.8) mm wide, plicate, scabrid, glabrous or subglabrous; veins 5; sclerenchyma-strands of medium width or stout; sheaths closed to the mouth, glabrous, pinkish, usually not fibrous in decay. Panicle 3-12 cm, rather lax, the branches glabrous or slightly scabrid. Spikelets (6.5-)7- 9 mm, green slightly violet-tinged. Upper glume 4.5-5 × 1.2- 1.6 mm, lanceolate, acuminate. Lemma 5.5-6.2 × 1.4-2.1 mm, lanceolate, acuminate; awn c. « as long as lemma.


Mountains of S. W. Europe. Ga Hs Lu.

Distribution Map

  • Native distribution
Found in
  • Europe Southwestern Europe France
  • Portugal
  • Spain


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