Resource NameTypeLast HarvestedDurationExit CodeTotal RecordsWrittenJob Output
Amaryllidaceae DwC-ADarwin Core Archive03-Jul-2014 14:41:5851 minutes, 45 seconds and 144 millisecondsCOMPLETED5027649948See Report
Interactive Key to Sternbergia (Amaryllidaceae)Identification Key06-Feb-2014 08:39:3718 minutes, 17 seconds and 834 millisecondsCOMPLETED429328See Report
Interactive Key to Galanthus (Amaryllidaceae)Identification Key06-Feb-2014 09:28:4717 minutes, 32 seconds and 581 millisecondsCOMPLETED533390See Report
An interactive identification key to the Amaryllidaceae genera in EuropeIdentification Key06-Feb-2014 14:08:0220 minutes, 56 seconds and 933 millisecondsCOMPLETED567415See Report